Veterinary Visits

In an Emergency...

If your horse/pony has a problem during surgery hours, please contact the practice immediately on 01487 773333 and we will make sure we get a vet to you as quickly as possible. 

Between the hours of 5pm and 9am Monday - Friday, weekends and Bank Holidays please use the following: 

Emergency mobile numbers:
07717 836178 
07717 836179 

We always have 2 vets on call to minimise any delay in an emergency; if you are not sure if you require a visit then please do not hesitate to call the on call vet and they will be happy to offer some advice. 

Routine Visits...

We offer routine visits Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Monday to Thursday we operate our FREE VISIT SCHEME. Friday operates as a day when we visit all over the practice area. 

A few years back we introduced the extremely popular FREE VISIT SCHEME for you and all your equine friends. All you need to do to qualify is ensure that you pre-book the appointment before 5pm the proceeding working day. You can either take advantage of our free visit scheme or you can pay for the visit and guarantee both the timing of the visit and the vet who attends the call.

However if you are booking an appointment under our Free Visit Scheme then please note the following Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Free visits will only be provided on your allocated zone day.
  • Free visits must be booked by 5pm on the day preceding your allocated zone day; for a free Monday visit this means by 5pm on the preceding Friday.
  • The time of your visit will be allocated on the morning of the free visit between 9 and 10am.
  • Please note that a normal visit charge will apply if you telephone for a visit on the day, if you require an emergency visit, if you require a specific time or if you want a specific vet.
  • Public Holidays are not included within our Free Visit Scheme.
  • On the day of your free visit, if you request a specific time or decline the allocated time or veterinary surgeon given by the office at Fellowes Farm a visit charge will be levied against your consultation.


If there are 5 or more horses on the yard that need seeing we will come for FREE on the day of your choice.