Fellowes Farm Equine Physiotherapist

  • Daisy Collins-Gross - Chartered Physiotherapist - ACPAT

    Daisy Collins-Gross provides Equine Physiotherapy services to Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic and is an ACPAT qualified Equine Physiotherapist.

    At Fellowes Farm, we are in a unique position as Daisy is based within the clinic, attending daily rounds with the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses. This close multi-disciplinary working enables us to provide exceptional and specialist care for your equine. Daisy will be available for appointments both at the clinic or your yard all day on Monday and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

    Daisy has been qualified as a human chartered physiotherapist for ten years, treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, and specialises in trauma and orthopaedic conditions. She has worked in local hospitals for many years and still continues to treat humans in private practice. This extensive knowledge, experience and unique set of skills in humans allows her to be an effective and holistic Chartered Physiotherapist.

    As a ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist, Daisy is registered with the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT), an independently regulated professional body. This requires her to maintain her standards of practice by participating in regular professional development. The title Veterinary Physiotherapist in not protected by law, as it is with humans. This means that anyone could call themselves a ‘Veterinary Physiotherapist’ regardless of their qualification.

    ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapists first complete a three-year degree in human physiotherapy and then a further two or three years training to specialise as a ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist. This extensive training allows the refinement of their assessment and treatment skills with verbal feedback from humans. This route of training is unique to ACPAT registered Chartered Physiotherapists and offers an extensive skill set treating your horses. Therefore, using a Chartered Physiotherapist registered with ACPAT will ensure your horse is receiving the best care and attention possible at Fellowes Farm.

    Please contact us on 01487 773333 if you would like us to organise an appointment with her.